We welcome script submissions from outside writers!


We accept scripts of all genres, but we do have a soft spot for science fiction and comedy.

As a troupe, our tastes run less towards old-timey radio dramas and more towards “movies for your ears” with gripping stories and compelling characters.

As a small troupe producing audio theater as a labor of love, we do not pay our writers (or voice talent). However, we will cover all production costs and distribute the final production.

Also, maybe most importantly, our writer’s agreement is non-exclusive and you will retain full rights to your script.

Finally, if you happen to be local to the Sacramento area, you may get the opportunity to direct the production of your script.


Depending on the volume of scripts we receive, we may or may not be able to offer you detailed feedback about your script. If we like a script and it needs just minor tweaking, then we will be more inclined to help you develop the script. If your script needs a ton of work, then we may ask you to further develop your script independently before resubmitting it.


Our audio theater script format is nearly identical to standard film screenplays. Hence, to ensure proper formatting, we accept scripts in Fountain syntax.

Fountain is an open-source screenplay text format that can be imported into or exported from most screenwriting software (including free apps like WriterDuet). You also can write a script in Fountain syntax in ANY text editor or Word Processor. If you are already familiar with industry-standard screenplay format, Fountain is extremely easy to learn.

If we accept your script, we will ask you to sign our standard writer’s agreement, which (as mentioned above) grants us non-exclusive rights to produce your script. We will own full rights to the finished audio production, but you will retain full rights to, and ownership of, the original script.


If you would like more details about our submission process, including the formatting requirements, please contact us.

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