Sounds Sketchy

Performers in Zoom Boxes

Seriously Unscripted & Extremely IMPROVable

What happens when you take a bunch of actors from the Sacramento region and ask them to perform improvised comedy sketches?

The answer: “Sounds Sketchy” – a new web video series from Seriously Strange Audio Theater.

The inspiration for “Sounds Sketchy” comes not only from staged improv shows and theater sports but also from filmed improv content such as “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the Christopher Guest mockumentary films.

How to Watch

Despite our origins as an audio theater troupe, we are releasing “Sounds Sketchy” exclusively on YouTube with no MP3 download option for a couple of reasons.

First, we record this series with Zoom. So, the episodes have a visual component to them and are not strictly “theater for the mind.”

Second, since the actors are using their earbud or computer microphones, the sound quality is quite variable across performers and not up to our usual high standards for audio drama.

You can watch the series via the embedded YouTube slider below.

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Other Places to Watch

The Backstory

A video series from an audio theater troupe? What’s up with that?

The idea for the project came to co-founder Randy Parker as a way for Seriously Strange Audio Theater to continue producing content during COVID-19 shelter in place.

Even in normal times, many audio theater producers (and animated films) record their voice performers in isolation and mix their voices together later. So, you might wonder why the pandemic would be disruptive to our troupe.

The reason: we prefer the synergy and energy of voice actors rehearsing and recording together, face to face, in a recording studio. And that is exactly how Seriously Strange Audio Theater produced its first four episodes.

Zoom has given us a safe way to continue to work together and produce new content. As an added bonus, the improv element means we don’t have to rely on script submissions to produce new material. Who needs a script when you have such talented improvisers?


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