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Infinite Imagination!
Unexpected Journeys!
Cosmic Tales!
Unorthodox Comedy!
Wildy Unpredictable!
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We are a new troupe of creative misfits from the Sacramento area who have banded together to produce audio theater which is innovative, fanciful, absurd, and sometimes seriously strange.

As we get up to speed, we will be creating our audio productions ad hoc and releasing them as we finish each episode. After we have a few episodes under our belt, we hope to produce new plays at a more frequent and regular cadence.

Listen Now

For now, we are making our productions available on our Episodes page and on YouTube. Eventually, you may be able to listen to us via Podcast (stay tuned).

To keep up with the latest developments with “Seriously Strange Audio Theater,” please read, or subscribe to, our Blog.

We are always looking for new writers, directors, actors, and sound engineers to help us tell our stories. Please visit our Submissions page for more information or contact us.