The Most Dangerous Game

Star Wars Style Poster

A Star Wars Story

“The Most Dangerous Game” is an audio fan production that mashes up the classic public domain movie thriller from 1932 with Star Wars canon.

While on an exotic moon in the Mid Rim, the infamous mercenary Johhar Kessen accepts the hospitality of a like-minded hunting fanatic who offers him the chance to hunt the most dangerous game.

Behind the Scenes

“The Most Dangerous Game” (A Star Wars Story) is the fourth production of the audio drama troupe Seriously Strange Audio Theater. For the backstory of how the script and project came about, see the post, The Rise of a Most Dangerous Star Wars Fan Production.

Accolades & Mentions

Official Selection HEAR Now 2020
An Official Selection of the 2020 HEAR Now Festival.

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To view the credits for the cast and crew, and to listen to the MP3, see our Episodes page.


You can listen to the play via the embedded YouTube player below or visit our Episodes page.


“The Most Dangerous Game” is a Star Wars Fan Production. Star Wars and all related characters are solely owned by Lucasfilm under Disney. This fan fiction is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Lucasfilm, Disney, or any other Star Wars franchise, and is a non-commercial fan-made audio drama intended for personal recreation only. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted.

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