About Us

Seriously Strange Audio Theater is the brainchild of Sharon Menefee, a long time member of the Sacramento voice acting community, and Randy Parker, a relative newcomer to the Sacramento region who has about ten years of experience writing, directing, and producing radio dramas in San Francisco.

Sharon and Randy, along with the many creative misfits they’ve recruited to their troupe, share a common vision of bringing their love of quirky comedy, edgy science-fiction, and gripping drama to the realm of audio theater.


The show would not be possible without the seriously strange humor, creativity and talent of its creators, who include:

If you would like to contribute your talent to our productions, then please contact us (or read about our submission process if you are a writer).


Seriously Strange Audio Theater records in, and attracts talent from, the greater Sacramento region.

Where to Hear Us

You can always listen to any of shows on our Episodes page.

Our shows also air on Access Sacramento (KUBU 96.5 FM).

In the future, we plan to explore podcasting and other distribution channels. If you are interested in airing or distributing any of our episodes, please contact us.

How to Keep Up with Us

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